A sightseeing tour of Chelyabinsk includes all familiar locations of the city representing its cultural image: Revolution Square, the public library, the opera and ballet theater, the regional natural history museum, and the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Taganay National Park is open to anyone who wishes to enter. A tour with a seasoned tour guide will reveal its secrets to you too. You will have the pleasure of gazing at the lush panoramic views of local nature with mountainous scenery, points, and leafy forests branded by the twisty Ural rivers. 
A tour around Zlatoust not only includes gawking at beautiful temples, theaters, and age-old country estates, but also visits to factories, one of which being the “Armorer”. Tourists will get the chance to hang out in Red Hill village and see Southern Ural attraction –the Belltower Chapel of Ioanna Zlatoust. Also included in the program is a visit to the observation deck at Black Cliff.
 Included in the Kasli tour is a visit to the art casting museum and the winter garden with exotic plants in the Culture Palace of the automobile plant. While taking a quick stroll, you can take a look around the Temple of the Ascension and the well-preserved architecture here erected during the 18th and 19th centuries.  A special segment of the tour is the house museum of famous sculptor Aleksander Chirkin.
Miass – is the industrial gold center of Ural. During the tour, tourists will be shown the very first gold mines and will explain the process of extracting gold. Of course awaiting the guests is a curious story about the city’s history. Along the road to Miass, tourists cross the border of Europe and Asia and they will spend some time in the architecture, weaponry, and local history
Kyshtym – is Ural’s own little version of Venice. It’s located on the shores of several different lakes. The most famous is the Uvildy. Besides that, the city is interconnected by a web of spring wells, which you can find hundreds of here. While travelling, you’ll find out a lot of interesting things about the history of Ural, the Demidov family, and the life of the local settlers. The tour guide will also tell you all about the geographical features of the region.